Paddle à mézières ecluzelles
Coralie Daudin
Water fun

Take the plunge

You are travelling As a couple, As a family, With friends
Season Spring, Summer
Localisation Eure Valley

Sun is shining, weather is sweet. And there’s so much wonderful nature and water fun to enjoy on a day out at the lake of Mézières-Ecluzelles! Grab your friends, your swimsuit, your picnic basket and off you go! On the agenda: splash party, giggles, aperitif and exciting water sports families can do together.

Pack your locavore picnic

Not sure what to take with you on a family day out? Pack your bathing suit, plenty of good vibes and some local snacks! The ultimate goal when visiting Eure et Loir is to become “locavore”, meaning eating as locally as possible. Local produce for a picnic include the Belsia crisps, Euréliennes beers, fresh baked bread, local rillettes, artichoke spread, cherry tomatoes, salad from the local producer. You’re all set for an epic hike around the lake of Mézières-Ecluzelles, topped up by an outdoor picnic on a patch of green grass!

Glide along on a stand-up paddle board!

With wide tranquil waters fringed by forested hillsides, the lake of Mézières-Ecluzelles is made for cruisey stand-up paddleboarding adventures. Book a stand-up paddleboarding tour with the Club Nautique Drouais for a fun session with friends and family. Get aboard your sup board, test your balance, race to the next buoy. It's only a matter of time until stand-up paddleboarding gets a hold of you.

Once you’ve warmed up, the next challenge is to try the giant stand-up paddle board together with your friends for a good laugh and great sensations!

Ready to take the plunge?

Essentials for a fun day out

A few boards: a stand-up paddle board and an aperitif board with local products
A bathing suit for a dip in the river Eure
Sunglasses to enjoy the lake's striking beauty without squinting
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