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Want to learn an exciting new hobby during your stay in Eure et Loir? Chartres is the capital of a very particular craft undertaken by glassmakers and stained-glass artists for centuries, initially for places of worship. Therefore, it is THE place to be to learn how to turn glass into art and create your very own stained glass piece. A souvenir from France to show your friends and family upon your return!

Chartres, the stained glass capital of France

It’s time to explore Chartres, a country town on the left bank of the river Eure which happens to be the capital of an ancient craft born in the churches of medieval Europe. Chartres Cathedral is a jewel of architecture, home to the famous dazzling blue stained-glass windows. In fact, it features the largest collection of preserved medieval stained-glass windows in the world!

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The International Stained Glass Centre

Inches away from the cathedral lies the the Centre International du Vitrail (International Stained-Glass Centre), the perfect place to start a colourful day around stained glass. A visit provides a deep and fascinating insight into this ancient craft we are all culturally familiar with, yet know so little about.

Atelier Picol
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Meet the master glassmakers

The discovery of stained glass continues in the village of Lèves with a visit of the workshops “Les ateliers Loire” where the Loire Brothers welcome visitors eager to learn about the traditional craft passed on from generations. Explore the gardens once you are there for a close look at inspiring artistic collaborations, notably with Jérôme Mesnager, a French urban artist known for his “l'Homme en blanc”, a silhouette that stands as a symbol of light, strength and peace.

Make your own stained glass piece of art

Enough theory for now! After this useful introduction to the art of stained glass, it's time to practice at the nearby Atelier Picol, which presents a splendid collection of works of art, in particular of the street-art artist and activist EZK. In this creative workshop, Kévin Picol will guide you through the basics of making stained glass and will explore the depths of design, colour and use of light for you to create your own piece.

An introduction to the art

of stained glass in Chartres


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