Linked to the kingdom of France, on the border between the Duchy of Normandy and Thimerais, this stronghold house protected the village of la Gadelière during the Hundred Years' War. The village also has some characteristic remains.

In the past, there were ditches here filled up by debris from a tower and drawbridge that controlled admission to the square. There are still remains of the upright that supported the drawbridge. Sturdy buttresses consolidate the edifice When it was built, its keep had a single arrow slit. The windows were opened up more recently, in around 1870, for use as a dwelling. With its Romanesque nave modified in the 16th century, the church is of a certain architectural interest. It also has rich and varied furnishings from different periods. Finally, you can admire a bread oven in brick, flint and "grison" stone dating from the 16th century.

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Park and garden, Historical sites and monuments Château de la Gadelière
Château de la Gadelière