Experience the splendour of the Enlightenment! 60-hectare formal park with remains. It was here that Saint Simon retired to write the majority of his memoirs.

Parks and gardens, canals and bodies of water, openings and outlooks, with a fascinating landscape which is full of history. Here, a sense of greatness and decadence are combined with modesty, as the weight of the premises crushes you and raises you up. With romantic ruins settled in the middle of all viewpoints, the huge neo-classical chateau, decorated by the greatest artists of its era, evokes its former glory. Designed by the Marquis of Laborde, great banker at King Louis XV's court, it covers 160 metres. It is also home to one of the last and largest French-style parks from the Age of Enlightenment.

Languages for tours
  • French
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  • Parking
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  • Specific theme activities
  • Junior workshop
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Park and garden Parc du château de la Ferté-Vidame
Place du vieux marché