Enjoy this bike ride that runs through the heart of the Perche region, allowing you to discover the impressive landscape as you cycle up the hills around Authon-du-Perche. There are a number of restored churches as well as some manor houses to explore in the villages you will pass through.

This circuit allows you to roam around the rolling countryside that surrounds one of the five baronies of Perche Gouet: Authon-du-Perche. From village to village, the peaceful paths link together discreetly-built châteaux and manor houses hidden in small valleys or at the tops of hills. In springtime, the wooded countryside comes alive, whereas autumn and winter bring the buildings to the forefront. Originally, these discreet locations, Saint-Lubin-des-Cinq-Fonts, Saint-Bomer and Saint-Ulphace, were several parishes that housed devout hermits, but they are also the origin of legendary tales such as the famous 'Fés de la Guillemetière'and 'Grenouilles de la Grève.'

Tourist Itineraries Au pays des fées et des ermites - n°11