The historic town centre of Dreux, surrounded by stronghold remains, gives visitors a glimpse of the 15th century architecture today, which recalls the historical past of the Durocasses' city and how it changed over time to become the contemporary and dynamic town that it is today.

Dreux is truly a town with history. As the "Durocasses" (Gallic tribe)'s capital, the town centre plunges visitors into the late Middle-Ages, with its narrow facades, its half-timbered houses, its private mansions, its belfry, its old streets, etc. Overlooked by the Royal Chapel, the old district which is surrounded by the river Blaise, recalls the town's defensive purpose. The Romantic remains of the ancient 10th century fortress, perched up high, recount the history of past battles when the chateau was the outpost of the Capetian estate against the Dukes of Normandy. The industrial boom that the town experienced in the 19th and 20th centuries produced some quality pieces of work, such as the "Hôtel de la caisse d'Epargne".

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