In their workshop located near Maintenon, Amélie and Florent Bacquet make tasty beers by hand with natural ingredients.

The water of Pierres is chosen for its good sanitary quality and filtered with activated carbon. They also use barley malts from Issoudun, hops from here and elsewhere according to their gustative and preserving properties, and French brewing yeasts. A great care is taken to the packaging of the bottles as well as to the quality of the contents: the labels will propose you poetic universes, whose graphic design was realized by Jeremy Chinour (Rewind Ltd.) and whose manufacture was entrusted to Autajon Etiquettes Loire. These beers are not officially "artisanal", but they only lack the mention*: everything is done on the spot, from the crushing of the malts to the bottling and of course the brewing.

Tasting Brewery - Brasserie Bacquet et Cie
3 rue de l'Europe
Z.A. de Maintenon