Discover our artisanal beers which is declined in 3 different recipes Indian Pale Ale, Blonde and White.

La Brasserie de la Vallée is above all the choice of quality ingredients produced on the family farm or carefully selected. Our brewery is anchored in the local landscape and contributes to the development of the regional activity. This is why we are committed to the label "Terre d'Eure et Loir" allowing the departmental traceability of the majority of the ingredients used for the production. Our production method is also based on the respect of the traditional German know-how dating from 1516 : "Reinheitsgebot" (law of purity) prohibiting all additives. Indeed, only water, malt, hops and yeast are used.

Tasting Brewery - Brasserie de la Vallée
3 Rue de Chartres
28700 VOISE