The “L’Eurélienne” beer is an artisanal beer, brewed using traditional methods and fermented a second time in the bottle. White, blonde and red beer are made using this unfiltered and unpasteurised method.

The adventure began in 2005, when Vincent returned from his studies with a desire to diversify the 123-hectare farm, which had been cultivated in cereals by his father Alain. The idea of transforming barley into beer quickly became obvious to Vincent, who set up his first small production workshop in the farm?s former cowshed. With time, perseverance and tastings to promote his product, the microbrewery developed and L'Eurélienne beer made a name for itself.

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Tasting Brewery -Microbrasserie de Chandres
Lieu-dit "Chandres"
3 rue Parmentier
28630 SOURS