This innovative museum, with images and artefacts backed up with text and fun reconstructions, takes you right back the Middle Ages, as you follow the adventures of local knight Hugues III du Puiset in the years 1111 and 1112.

Key characters in French schoolbooks of times gone by, the Lords of Puiset were the perfect example of the kind of mediaeval felons who terrorized their peasants, monks and other lords. Experience this astonishing episode of the history of France opposing these traitors and the troops of the Crown, and plunge into the fury of the battle. In a series of exhibition areas, the museum offers a panoramic view of the period with everything you need to know about motte and bailey castles with the first wooden keeps. At the end of the visit, you can take a look at the motte from the roadside, a few yards from the museum. There is a permanent exhibition "A la Recherche des Mottes Castrales" at the museum.

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Museum - Interpreting centre Espace des seigneurs du Puiset
252 rue de la Chapelle, Le Puiset