Diversified organic market gardening, specifically with traditional gastronomy producers and heirloom, varied fruit and vegetables. Also, stunning flowers to enhance a salad, a rainbow on your plate and new flavours to discover at the farm.

A pretty and original farm, since here we produce various vegetables and in particular edible flowers of all kinds. A beautiful colorful and floricultural parenthesis to delight the curiosity, but also the taste buds with an audacity of culinary extravagance. There are edible flowers, aromatic herbs, fine salads and seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round, following the seasons. We open the doors of the delicate and we enter a universe of all colors in this unsuspected farm in the heart of the wheat fields. And all this is produced in organic farming. Marcel, the donkey, and Valentine, the goat, surrounded by other animals will welcome visitors to the shop for the pleasure of young and old.

  • Pets allowed
  • Monday : open
  • Thuesday : open
  • Wednesday : open
  • Thursday : open
  • Friday : from 16h00 to 19h00
  • Saturday : from 16h00 to 19h00
  • Sunday : open
Tasting Ferme de création culinaire
2 Place de l’Eglise