An underground attraction covering more than a hectare beneath the town of Châteaudun, explore this natural cellar formed in the limestone and discover the diversity of this subterranean world: galleries, pillars, giant pots... At the end of the tour the caves are illuminated in vibrant colour.

Natural caves dug millions of years ago by run-off water, the Grottoes of Foulon are also prehistoric caves. The first Paleolithic settlement 300,000 years ago and the history of humanity through the ages will be recounted to you, as well as the history of Chateaudun, which is more recent. An exceptional geological site, the Grottoes of Foulon are the only grottoes in the world where the visitor can see thousands of sea geodes, quartz and chalcedony in a natural setting. Like an open book about the history of the Earth, such as the visible layer of the extinction of dinosaurs, the Grottoes of Foulon have a lot of secrets in store for us, such as the giant marine mammal bones discovered in 2010.

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