Discover the exceptional variety of plant and animal species which thrive in the wetlands of this peat bog, in the heart of La Ferté-Vidame.

The Mousseuses rainforest, which extends over about ten hectares, was once part of the estate of the Château de La Ferté-Vidame. Today, the humid forest has a double vocation: to welcome the public and to preserve the wetlands which are home to numerous animal and plant species, some of which are protected. You will be able to discover the Black and Ash Woodpeckers, as well as the Garden Grimpereaux. A path of 2 kms is specially laid out and an explanatory panel is installed at the entrance. Please bring hiking boots.

  • Pets allowed
Big nature Humide Forest of the Mousseuses
Direction L'Aigle Rond Montpensier
Extrémité des bassins de Mousseuse