Whilst there might be some steep climbs along this trail, the beautiful views at the top make it well worth your while. There's no need to rush along the cycle paths through Le Perche - feel free to take your time and savour the views!

Dotted with an array of viewpoints, the "Balcons du Perche" trail takes you out along some lovely country lanes. Pedal through picturesque villages with quite surprising churches and the typical longèrehouses of this region, scattered between woodland and orchards. Stop for a peek through the country hedges to glimpse the châteaux and manor houses here, before returning to the Domaine de l'Abbaye in Thiron-Gardais. You will thus have ridden a couple of miles along the Véloscénie cycle trail (Paris-Le Mont Saint-Michel à vélo)!

Tourist Itineraries Les balcons du Perche - n°7