A big battle in the Beauce? This is the theme of the 1870 War Museum in Loigny-la-Bataille with an innovative interactive visit in which you are given a Pocket Pc and Aristide, your virtual guide, takes you back into history.

Did you know that there was a battle in Loigny where 9,000 people died on 2nd December 1870? At the head of the Papal Zouaves, General Sonis bravely launched himself into a losing battle against the Prussian troops. The museum has a rich collection of weapons, clothing, and documents about the 1870 war. It is the biggest memorial dedicated to this subject. Thanks to Aristide, the Pocket PC, which proposes an interactive visit, you can browse whilst choosing from a multitude of themes on offer, and immerse yourself in this precise moment in history on this exciting visit (over 45 minutes long).

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Museum Musée de la Guerre de 1870
Place du 2 décembre 1870