The museum of Unverre has recreated a rural classroom from the early 20th century in a very authentic way. Visitors really feel like they're in a school.

For those with nostalgia for their childhood, the School Museum of Unverre is for you. Whether you liked school or not, the museum will bring it all back to life as if you had never left. Everything is just as it was: desks and chairs, workbooks and school books, ink wells, the blackboard with the previous day's homework marked up, the old maps, etc., even the old Godin wood stove. A reconstitution so perfect that you just expect the children to walk in... The schoolmaster's house has also been reconstituted and presents the history of corn in Perche Gouet through photos, models and small instruments...

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  • French
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  • Specific theme activities
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Museum Musée Ecole d'Unverre
5 bis place de l'Eglise