This sports trail weaves between lovely rolling hills, for the most part overlooking the Ronne and Berthe valleys below. Catch an occasional glimpse of Le Perche's distinctive private manor houses, nestling amidst the local hillsides that accompany you all the way.

You'll soon notice as you pedal along the lanes of Le Perche Nogentais that it's a fairly hilly region! But keep at it, for you'll be rewarded with the sight of picturesque country churches and hamlets with red tiled roofs in the dip of the valleys or at the foot of the hillsides. For the very best views over this bountiful countryside, head to the circular enclosure of Château Saint-Jean where you'll find one of the few rectangular keeps dating back to the 11th century in France. From this high point you might just be lucky enough to see the calm, sturdy Percheron horses ambling about in their fields on the banks of the Ronne or Cloche. If it's the foals you'd like to see frolicking about, springtime is your best bet, after the mediaeval "Percheval" festival.

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