This stunning, peaceful cycling trail takes you past myriad landscapes and tourist sites. You can make regular stops to explore a heritage, leisure or nature spot.

Set out on this lovely trail along fairly flat roads through a varied landscape alongside the Eure and the national forest of Senonches. The trail harbours a number of tourist sites including La Grand'Maison Farm in Meaucé, Château des Vaux estate in Saint-Maurice-Saint-Germain, Les Froux peat bog in Manou and Le Perche aquatics centre for an enjoyable swimming trip for all the family. Make the most of the facilities in place for discovering Les Froux peat bog, peat moss, royal fern and dragonflies. Meander along this specially laid-out trail at the forest's edge in complete peace and quiet. Then head to Le Perche aquatics centre in La Ferrière for a whole host of activities for everyone: river rapids, waterslide, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam.

Tourist Itineraries Promenade des eaux secrètes - n°10