The Saint-Jacques cycleroute (Santiago de Compostela) crosses the Loire Valley region and Europe, for 5000km worth. This pilgrims' path meanders through gently rolling landscapes in the Eure and Loir valleys, past renowned sites associated with the St James theme and picturesque towns and villages.

This "véloroute", which kicks off in Norway, crosses the Loire Valley and descends all the way down to Santiago de Compostela in Spain: a journey covering more than 5,000 km through Europe. As you pedal long quiet little roads and gently sloping plains, soak up the scenery of the Eure and Loir valleys, the myriad towns and villages bursting with character - Maintenon and its aquaduct, the Chartres greenway, the mediaeval village of Bonneval, the ducal city of Châteaudun, the stage town of Vendôme and Lavardin, listed as one of France's most beautiful villages. Admire some landmarks along the Santiago de Compostela way too: Chartres Cathedral, the Saint-Jacques stone in Cloyes-sur-le-Loir and chapels in Vendôme and Saint-Jacques des Guérêts.

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