This easy, fairly short trail runs along pleasant roads through wooded farmland. You'll come across a few beautifully kept churches, such as the one in La Croix-du-Perche, which has a painted vault.

Delightful country lanes meander from village to village, winding their way through changing scenery. Between plains, woodland and grassland, wildlife is never far away. Keep an eye out for pheasants and hares in your path and one or two roe deer as you leave the villages behind. The views vary from sweeping panoramas over fields of crops in the distance to dense, looming forests right in front of you. The villages of Luigny, Miermaigne and La Croix-du-Perche can be found nestling in this bucolic country atmosphere. Enjoy the ride and, if you happen to return via the motorway, don't forget to wave to Cerise, our bronze Percheron horse!

Tourist Itineraries Sous le regard de Cerise - n°14