Just outside Le Perche Regional Nature Park, La Ferté-Vidame is a quaint little town where the architecture is now protected. This easy cycling trail is perfect for exploring the surroundings that already feels somewhat Norman!

Come and admire a rich and varied heritage around La Ferté-Vidame. Eight châteaux and manor houses around Boissy-les-Perche are a reminder of the key role hunting has played in the life of this region. The villages at the forest edge were at one time at the battlefront: Morvilliers still has a feodal mound from the Middle Ages and La Chapelle-Fortin is an old fief of French Resistance fighters. On the nature side of things, the Barn Owl, the "White Lady", has set up roost in the bell towers of rural churches. At nightfall, you're sure to hear her throaty call as she silently, gracefully glides over the wooded farmland. Last but not least, take a closer look at the wild fauna and flora in the wet forest or the Château grounds - if you don't want to go alone, why not call on a guide?

Tourist Itineraries Sur les terres de Guillaume Gouet - n°15