This easy-going, mostly flat trail around La Ferté-Vidame is accessible to everyone and runs through a variety of landscapes: woodland, plain and ponds. The villages you'll pass through take great pride in their environments and La Ferté-Vidame alone is well-worth a visit.

Explore a rich and varied heritage along this trail. Cycle alongside La Ferté-Vidame forest and La Saucelle and Buffalo woods. Take your time admiring the landscapes that open up towards the Thymerais region. If you're lucky you might even spot a stag, a roe deer or a boar! Out on the plain, set off in the footsteps of the Knights templar that once owned several commandries in these lands that neighbour Normandy. The treasures nestling in our villages are sure to catch your eye, what with châteaux, churches and wash houses among the local architecture.

Tourist Itineraries Sur les traces des templiers - n°12