Femme en balade dans la forêt humide des mousseuses à la Ferté-Vidame dans le Perche
Ambre et Mathieu - French Wanderers
Bohemian vibes

in the Perche

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Localisation Perche

The Perche is the kind of place that lingers with you long after you leave. Expect to see gorgeous quintessential villages, pretty cottages and historic mansions, ancient churches, miles of green unspoilt landscapes, rolling hills and large pastoral vales. The perfect destination for the bohemian world traveler seeking French authenticity, heritage and enchanting forests inhabited by elves and fairies. Prepare to fall in love.

Dîner en amoureux au Domaine des Evis, chambre d'hôtes située dans le Perche
Ambre & Mathieu - French Wanderers

A nostalgic nod to the past!

Few French regions embody the bohemian spirit better than the Perche. Visiting the area feels like entering a time capsule. Imagine old stone buildings, antique shops, vintage objects and retro places that evoke that sense of romantic wonder. Take a time warp trip and enjoy a vintage stay in one of the creatively styled and refined bedrooms of the Domaine des Evis, a lovingly restored fortress between Morvilliers and La Chapelle-Fortin.

Enjoy the “Table d'hôte” (the host's table in French) in the evening and share a special moment with your hosts, dinning at the same table and sampling their local food. After a good night's sleep, start the day with a yoga class or relax to a hot oil ayurvedic massage before indulging in a hearty brunch. An ideal place to embrace the peaceful countryside vibes!

Get lost in a magical forest

Walking through a spectacular forest is an ethereal experience in Eure et Loir. The Forêt des Mousseuses is a rainforest that has the feel of Tolkien about it; gnarled old trees draped in green carpets of ferns, mosses, carnivorous plants, lichens and liver worts. Wooden pontoons allow visitors to walk through this rare and fascinating ecosystem, surrounded by nature’s raw beauty. Just watch out for the elves and fairies, okay?

Femme en balade à pieds dans la forêt humide des Mousseuses à l'automne
Ambre & Mathieu - French Wanderers
Femme qui prend en photo le château de la Ferté-Vidame situé en Eure-et-Loir
Ambre & Mathieu - French Wanderers

Ruins to treasure

In the village of La Ferté-Vidame nearby Les Mousseuses rainforest, the empty shell of the Château de La Ferté-Vidame whispers stories of neglect, exile and theft. It’s hard to imagine that this vestige of a bygone era once rivaled Versailles and Chambord. Today, only the imposing façade remains and visitors are left to revel in the melancholic romance of its pretty ruins. This ravaged building is set in the middle of an atmospheric French-style landscaped park bordered by ponds and water which provide idyllic spots for a picnic. All you need is local delicacies to savour and, potentially some champagne for a perfect bohemian moment to remember!

Bohemian life

in the Perche


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