Patrick Forget

The Veloscenic route

You are travelling As a couple
Season Fall, Spring, Summer
Localisation Eure Valley

If you're looking to explore France’s most picturesque areas by bike, then leisure cycling holidays are the ones for you! Long distance routes like the Veloscenic - an itinerary from Paris to the Mont St-Michel via Chartres, Eure et Loir and Normandy - offer a whole lot more than just a bike ride. There’s the sense of adventure, the personal challenge and the variety of scenery you’ll experience along the way. With roads threading through a patchwork countryside between quaint villages and historic towns, Eure et Loir is the perfect place to start a two-wheeled adventure.

Everyone off at Epernon!

With the wind in your hair and freedom at your feet, you won’t want to miss a pit stop in Epernon, a village labelled “Petite cité de caractère®” before heading to the Eure Valley packed with sights of interest: the Château de Maintenon and its French gardens await. A castle with the history of a fairy tale! The chateau was built for Françoise d'Aubigné - the governess of the King's illegitimate children with Madame de Montespan - before she secretly married King Louis XIV and eventually became known as Madame de Maintenon. Take a little break while you’re there: a visit of the stunning chateau brings French heritage to life. A walk in the gardens will introduce you to an interesting architectural feature to marvel at in the background: the iconic aqueduct of Maintenon.

Patrick Forget

Let there be light: Chartres en Lumières!

Direction Chartres! Book a cosy place in the historic town centre to rest your head after a day of cycling. Head to le Café Bleu for a romantic dinner with views on the illuminations of the light show “Chartres en Lumières” projected onto the façade of the cathedral. A walk through the city will reveal no less than 24 heritage buildings and historic treasures all lit up! After this sparkling stroll, you'll probably feel ready to nod off. Slipping between the fresh bed sheets of your cosy accommodation is the ultimate way to finish off a wonderful day of discovery.

Coralie Daudin

Let's go explore Chartres

Feeling sore the day after your first section of the Veloscenic is normal. Nothing to worry about. A recovery breakfast made of fresh, local produce may be exactly what you need: freshly baked bread, pastries, freshly squeezed juice, homemade jams…For a fresh new you ready to continue your cycling adventure in Eure et Loir! Let’s go linger a little and explore Chartres, stroll its charming little streets and take a close look at its cathedral. 

Reaching for a brew at the end of a long day discovering Chartres is some kind of tradition here at la guinguette de Chartres, on a deckchair by the river. Blissful!

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Couples Bucket List

in Eure et Loir

Essentials for this cycling adventure

The sunscreen to protect your skin from Eure et Loir’s UV Rays
A Bike Pump in case you need to inflate a tyre
A booking in a cosy place to rest overnight
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