Coucher de soleil en montgolfière
Claire & Arthur - Les Droners
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Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Season Fall, Spring, Summer
Localisation Eure Valley

A ride in a hot air balloon in Eure et Loir is without a doubt a mesmerizing adventure. Being in the sky like a bird, above the clouds in silence… enjoying the landscape from awe-inspiring angles is something that words cannot explain. Floating gently over the royal Eure Valley at sunset or at sunrise in a hot air balloon is sure to change your perspective. Ready to live the dream with your eyes wide open?

Vue sur l'Aqueduc de Maintenon en montgolfière lors du coucher du soleil
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Up, up and away in the clouds!

Hot air balloon rides are at the top of everyone’s bucket list. In Eure et Loir, AirPegasus is specialized in offering breathtaking hot air balloon rides over Eure et Loir’s stunning countryside, passing over the Château de Maintenon, over the Eure Valley and beyond. Enjoy watching the sun rise or set from a unique perspective with 360-degree uninterrupted views. For this trip high in the air, you’ll experience a sense of exhilaration, tranquility and serenity that’s just not comparable with your feet on the ground!

Dîner à bord d'une montgolfière lors du coucher de soleil
Claire & Arthur - Les Droners

Cheers from the sky

You won’t need to come back to Earth for breakfast or dinner as both can be organized on board the hot air balloon with your heads in the clouds (literally, if you go high enough), moving with the wind. Cheers! Let’s celebrate with a glass of chilled Champagne at dusk or dawn floating over beautiful rural landscapes that are sure to inspire all who pass over. Treat yourself to a delicious romantic candlelit dinner (considering the gigantic flame over your head!). A hot air balloon ride truly is the perfect opportunity to explore Eure et Loir from the sky and be present in the moment for, and with your loved ones.

Experience a natural high

Essentials for a romantic hot air balloon flight

Two love !
Peace and serenity
No wind and good weather conditions
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