Goupe d'amis dans le Perche
Victor Tonelli
Ride on, ride on…

the Veloscenic cycle route

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Season Fall, Spring, Summer
Localisation Perche

Considering cycling holidays in Eure et Loir and looking for inspiration on the best routes to ride? With its green landscapes strewn with numerous villages, the Perche is the ideal setting for an easy ride along the Veloscenic cycle route. You don’t have to ride the full 90 km itinerary connecting Chartres to Nogent-le-Rotrou but at least you can hit part of the trail for a day ride or make it a long weekend in the saddle.

guinguette de chartres
Victor Tonelli

A cycle path that tells tales

Travelling by bike means independence. A piece of freedom awaits you on the long-distance cycle path la Veloscenic: 433km itinerary from Versailles in Paris to the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, which included a 90km section across Eure et Loir via the city of Chartres. This is a truly great ride, especially if you are looking to get off the beaten track away from the main tourist trail. Using mostly flat and quiet roads, it’s a great choice for someone tackling their first multi-day cycle route!

Chartres is an ideal departure point of this Eure et Loir section, especially if you are taking up this challenge with a few friends! On arrival in Chartres, head to la guinguette de la Petite Venise, a popular open-air cafe with concerts, dancing, plancha and aperitif served by the river. A magical start to a cycling journey through Eure et Loir! A few drinks and off to bed for an early departure in the morning.

Patrick Forget

Time to saddle up!

Fueling properly before exercise is vital to get the most from your cycling adventure on the Veloscenic. Start your day with a delicious French breakfast and its elegant pastries from buttery croissants to rich pain au chocolat. Don’t leave Chartres before taking a peek at the iconic cathedral or you’d literally be missing out on an architectural masterpiece! For the next 30 km leading to the village of Illiers-Combray, you’ll get to ride through a wide variety of landscapes and villages never short of a welcome place to stop, either to recharge or to explore the region’s rich cultural heritage. Once you’ve arrived in the village of Marcel Proust’s childhood, enjoy a well-deserved tea or coffee break at the terrace of a café, relax and watch the world go by. If you wish to find out more about Marcel Proust’s life, the former residence of his aunt and uncle is now home to the Marcel Proust Museum.

An epic 50 km ride!

Let’s get back on the bikes for the last kilometers though the breathtaking landscapes of the Perche, its idyllic streams and woodlands home to a diverse wildlife. You may spot a doe and its fawns foraging for food. Several hours of simply riding your bike, where all your worries seem to slip away with each pedal stroke. After cruising all the way to the charming small village of Frazé, it’s finally time to relax at the guesthouse l'Étape des saveurs and claim a lovely relaxing hot shower, or perhaps an energizing cold one before one of the most sacred moments of the French day. Time for l’apéro, or aperitif. Craft beers from the Perche and scrumptious home-made burgers, the perfect combo!


Waking Up To Sunlight

Open your eyes to a burst of bright sunlight after a good night sleep, it's time to start your day and fulfill your two-wheeled wanderlust. From leg-numbing hills to whirlwind descents, le Perche offers jaw-dropping backdrops and views that take your breath away. On the way, an original escape-game on the estate of the abbey of Thiron-gardais is a tempting option for a little entertaining game, a picnic in the beautiful gardens of the monastery or a little power nap on the deckchairs! Off you go again. Only a few kilometers left to complete this cycling adventure and the scenery is reason enough to push on to the final village of Nogent-le-Rotrou.

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