Femme en balade dans la forêt humide des mousseuses à la Ferté-Vidame dans le Perche
Ambre et Mathieu - French Wanderers
Tree lover’s heaven

Forest Escapes to disconnect

Tree lover's heaven

Forest adventures:  Disconnect to Reconnect.

While they are silent and stationary, trees hold tremendous powers, including the power to make all our lives better and healthier. If a tree has power, a forest has even more! Taking a walk through the forests of Eure et Loir is rejuvenating and allows us to a break from the rush of our daily lives. We enjoy the beauty and peace of being in a natural setting beside century old trees and breathe the fresh clean air. Here’s some forest adventures for you in Eure et Loir to reconnect with nature!


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The Earth has lungs, watch them breathe

If you are looking at escaping the city, a forest walk can truly fulfil the promise of reconnecting with nature. There will be no Wi-Fi and no phone, just you and your loved ones, trees and a wealth of biodiversity to create a wellness experience like no other. Forests are a natural playground to take a walk, ride a trail, admire a view, climb a tree, go fishing, mushroom picking or just finding our freedom in our little slice of paradise.

Reconnect with friends

In need of some quality social time? Imagine a campfire, a barbecue, good friends and a night of gathering in the forest. What better place could you ask for to catch up with friends and create memories around a scrumptious feast?

Forest detox retreat for two

For a romantic surprise, for a birthday or anniversary – or just an escape from life’s hectic pace – a forest retreat is the ideal relaxing getaway for two. Sleep in a treetop house, observe neighboring owls, go boating on the pond, enjoy a forest spa and many more mindful outdoor activities. By the way, have you tried tree hugging yet?

In the mood for a forest getaway?

Discover all our memorable experiences to reconnect with nature

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