Sylvothérapie à Senonches
David Darrault
Romantic getaway

cuddle up in the forest

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Season All year round
Localisation Perche

Sometimes it’s nice to get away with your loved one and leave the world behind. In Eure et Loir, the Senonches forest offers retreats with romance in mind. Some key ingredients of the ultimate romantic getaway include an immersive walk through the woods, a candle light dinner in a gourmet restaurant and a cosy place to stay by the forest.

Sylvothérapie en forêt de Senonches
David Darrault

A deep forest walk to relax

Heading for the trees is the perfect way to take time out! Start with a mindful, meditative and soothing walk in the forest with SylvoTerreHappy to relax in a sensory forest-based experience. Bang the gong and gently shift your gaze into the tree canopy, watch the branches sway, listen as the leaves rustle. Pause, breathe, immerse yourself in forest bliss.

The sylvotherapy walk with Nicolas is incredibly soothing and relaxing. A wonderful way of experiencing the restorative power of the forest.

A Forest Feast

After the walk, head to the restaurant La Forêt in Senonches for a gourmet menu that celebrates rustic good food made from natural ingredients. After diner, disappear into the secluded luxury of La Forêt Hotel, located in the heart of the Senonches forest. You’re away from it all.

Disconnect to reconnect

in the Perche


Some warm clothes in case it gets a little chilly in the forest
All-terrain shoes you don’t mind getting dirty
A strong desire to take time out, reset and practice mindfulness under the trees
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