Set in a haven of greenery, this Romanesque chapel has conserved all its decor and painting from the 15th century. An great snapshot of the artistic production of the era.

Originally Romanesque, then modified in the 12th and 15th centuries, the Réveillon chapel is one of the rare churches which has conserved its wall paintings. The richness of its conditioning and themes is exceptional. On these walls an abundance of detail can still be seen, such as a line of arabesques combined with birds, fruits and flowers. These varied themes represent, amongst others, the Legend of the three living and the three dead, the Passion of Christ, Temptation, The Life of Saints and Martyrs, Saint-Christopher etc.

Languages for tours
  • French
  • No pets allowed
  • Parking
Activities on site
  • Conferences
Means of payment
  • Postal or bank cheques
  • Cash
  • Full adult price From 5€
  • Group rate From 4€
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