The large collection ('arsenal' in French) of pumps built in 1902 is being transformed, 100 years later, into an "Ar(t)senal" to become the contemporary art centre of the department. The T became the new symbol of this new cultural establishment which will host temporary exhibitions.

Now classified on the French supplementary historic monument list, the original "Arsenal des pompes" building was designed in 1902 by the architect Eugène-Edouard Avard. The fire-fighters of Dreux had their base here until 1961, before it was turned into a covered market in the 60s, after the addition of two extra wings on each side of the building. The covered market was transferred to another building, and so the building remained unoccupied from 2002. The "Ar(t)senal", whose T is symbolic, has now found a new functionality closely linked to contemporary artistic movements.

Languages for tours
  • French
  • No pets allowed
  • Parking
Activities on site
  • Specific theme activities
  • Adult workshop
  • Junior workshop
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Monday : from 10h30 to 12h30
  • Thuesday : open
  • Wednesday : from 10h30 to 12h30
    and 14h00 to 19h00
  • Thursday : from 10h30 to 12h30
    and 14h00 to 19h00
  • Friday : from 10h30 to 12h30
    and 14h00 to 19h00
  • Saturday : from 14h00 to 19h00
  • Sunday : from 14h00 to 19h00
  • Monday : open
  • Thuesday : open
  • Wednesday : open
  • Thursday : open
  • Friday : open
  • Saturday : open
  • Sunday : open
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