Femme devant le Loir tenant un vélo
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Get on your bikes and


Two Wheeled Adventures

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride", once said John F. Kennedy…

And nothing beats exploring the stunning countryside of Eure et Loir by bike! The wind blowing in your hair, the fresh breeze caressing your face, the scenery sloping away before your eyes…not to mention the legs on fire, the dry throat and the flies in your mouth. Ah! The joys of pedaling in the open air come with a real sense of freedom and wilderness in Eure et Loir!

David Darrault

♫ Push me off to start the fun, on a bike ride to the moon ♫

Cycling is a brilliant way to travel around Eure et Loir: just grab the bike, climb aboard and pedal gently, from one wonder to the next. Moving at a slower place, you can engage more deeply with our destination, experience the best views of the Perche or of the Beauce, explore our culture and meet friendly locals along your way.

You’ll discover there are many signposted cycling routes which wind their way through stunning vistas: long-distances itineraries such as the Veloscenic, the Royal Valley of river Eure by bike (la Vallée Royale de l'Eure à vélo), the Loir Valley by bike or the way of Saint Jacques de Compostelle by bike. Be prepared for spectacular and varied landscapes, legendary rivers, stunning woodlands and rolling green hills. Pure Bliss!

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